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Photo Composite Service

Compositing is the art and craft of combining images to create a new image. The newly composed images often present their own version of reality. Compositing used in advertising is sometimes intended to be obvious and other times designed to be seamless. Photo composite service is now the hottest trend in photography. From group photos to school graduation portraits, sports portraits, to magazines, movie posters you will see compositing.

We starts from: $5.00 but our prices depend on the complexity of the required adjustments.

A composite image means a mix-up with two or three images. Generally, composite photography can be creative photography with Photoshop compositing techniques. Photo composite is a kind of fairy tale or beyond reality. There is no limit to composite image ideas. We provide a complete imaginative idea for your photo in a believable way.

Photo Composite Service Photo Composite Service

Visual Examples

 Creative Photo Manipulation  Creative Photo Manipulation
 Creative Photo Manipulation  Creative Photo Manipulation
Photo Composite Service in photoshop Photo Composite Service in photoshop
Photo Composite Service Photo Composite Service

Benefits of choosing Cutout Partner as your Photo Composite Editing Company

After photography, you may notice that your photo can be more interesting if you use a photo composite service. There are so many types of photographers nowadays. Different photographers demand different types of editing services.

Sometimes it also depends on what your client wants to see. It also depends on what you want to deliver to your clients or what you offered to your client. Most wedding photographers demand photo composite. They shoot for different types of couple programs.

Like pre-wedding, wedding, post-wedding, anniversary. Often couples want their photos like a dream or fairy tale. Photographers click the photo after photo composition it will create a nice memory.

Whenever advertisers want to make a different type of ad photo composite is the first and great idea. Using photo composition in an advertisement will create an innovative promoting idea for a product.

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How we complete the task!

Photo composition fully depends on imagination. An interesting idea will make the photo more dramatic. The photo is all about the story. Giving a perfect story can catch every attention. For dramatic photo composition, we use Photoshop and Lightroom software.

Our team will do it in the manual so that our clients will be pleased. Automated software can never achieve that output like the manual one gets. With Photoshop cc it is kind of easy.
We do it step by step. 1st we cut all the objects from all the photo using the pen tool.

Then we place the photo one after another as required. The free transform tool helps to get the actual size of the subject.

It also helps to get aligned subject. R on the keyboard shortcut helps the rotate subject so that we can set it as we want. After all the cutting and setting color balancing is a must. Then using proper temperature, saturation, adding contrast will make the photo the way clients wants.