Frequently Asked Questions

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Our support team works 24 hours and 365 days. On the other side, Sunday is our weekend. On emergency cases or busy schedules, our designers are agreed to work even at weekend.

Our normal turnaround time is 24 hours but it would be depending on your image complex level as well as quantity.

Any image format we received, but we prefer high quality images for doing your work perfectly.

You can send us your free trial/working images using Wetransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive or your preferred image sharing website mention our email id/account ([email protected]) on the “Recipient/Email To” section. 

You can upload your images or files through any Media like WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTTP and so on.

We will provide you a download link when images will be completed through email or other media you prefer.

As a payment method, we accept PayPal, MasterCard or Bank Deposit.

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